These unique collages are designed by me and are a great way to capture the essence of your whole photo shoot.

Collages also remove the need for multiple framed photographs, giving you more space on your wall. I provide these as completed products, available either as a framed image or as an acrylic mount.

15 x 30" Newborn Collage:


My newborn collages are super-popular! They are such a special momento for parents to look back on for years to come. Many parents choose to hang these in their baby's room, although I've been told many times that they have pride of place in the front room so they can be shown off to everyone who visits!


24 x 36" Family Collage:

The 24 x 36" 4-Photo Collage is very popular for family photo shoots. Most parents choose to have this collage proudly hanging in their main living area. Because it is quite large, even the smaller photos are a decent size and show great detail.


24 x 32" Collage with 13 Photos:

My largest collage is the perfect option for extended family photo shoots, such as this one below! I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family of 3 generations and Grandma decided that this was going to have pride of place in her home!

3 generation collage

Collages are perfect for outdoor photo shoots

Every style of collage looks amazing for an outdoor photo shoot, whether it be with your whole family, just the kids, or the kids and their pet/s!

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