Simple yet stunning...
Newborn portraits that capture what is most important - your baby. I love to pose babies naturally and add just a pop of colour, as I believe this gives you timeless photographs to display on your walls for years to come.

For the best result, it is best to photograph your baby within their first 2 weeks to capture deep sleeping portraits plus those gorgeous curly, womb-like poses. Photographing your baby so young also means you can savour the precious memories of how small they once were when you first held them, and reignite those memories and emotions when looking at your photographs! It is ideal to photograph your baby between 6-14 days old, however it is still possible to capture beautiful newborn portraits of babies up to 4 weeks old.

It's best to book a Newborn session while you are still pregnant, however I can often accommodate enquiries after-birth so please still get in touch.